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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Panera, again

I came to Panera today to finish my Physics homework (since I'm not at all a procrastinator) in peace and quiet, and to eat lunch. I come up here all the time and get tea or what-have-you, but I rarely actually have food here. Today I got broccoli chedder soup in bread bowl. I've been craving that for weeks since somebody keeps talking about it. While I was eating and working, I downloaded some computer updates that weren't that big but would have taken at least 24 hours to download at home. With wi-fi it took about 45 minutes. Fie on dial-up!

My main reason for posting was to celebrate the fact that the cashier at Panera (for the first time EVER) spelled my name right on the receipt! And it's not as if I am a rare visitor to Panera! I am forever amused at the many different spellings I usually get. Christi, Kristi, Cristii, Kristy, or (my favorite) Khristie. Then there are the people who mis-hear and write Chrissy or Christine.

I used to ride the bus with the girl who took my order. She doesn't remember me.

I chose to sit at one of the high tables, but that appears to have been a mistake. My shoes keep falling off. :P

A guy just came up and asked to look at my computer because he is thinking of getting one for his girlfriend. I thought to myself, 'Wow, I'd like to have a boyfriend who would buy me a computer.' But then, I don't need a computer, because I just got one.
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