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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Musical=Good Times

So why did I leave tonight feeling let down?

It was very fun, but everything about this year is so bittersweet. I'm so ready for musical to be over so I can breathe again, but at the same time I never ever want it to end.

After every show (or nearly every show) we go to Perkins. Apparently this has been a tradition since there was a Perkins in Finneytown, which must have closed at least 10 years ago. No one (or it seems, no one I talk to) even likes going to Perkins, but we do it anyway. So this year I said, "Hey! We are the seniors! We are large and in charge! Let us effect change in the post-show traditions!" But no one listened to me. Everyone just grumbled about Perkins and then we went anyway. But when we got there we discovered that they had just seated a group of 20 and had only two waitresses. So we piled back into our cars and drove back to Finneytown to go to Skyline. I nearly bought food, because I was hungry, but no one was around to take my order. So I ate some of Brandae's food and some of Paula's food (though I don't think she knew it) and some of Kelly's food. And then I was not hungry anymore. Just tired. I'm still tired. Why oh why didn't I ask off work for tomorrow?!!? That was me at the height of my brainless-musical stupidity (when that happens, I sing a lot and forget important things).

When people get sad about themselves, I get sad for them. Please don't be sad about yourself, because I don't like being sad. This is a happy time!

If you marry a shootin' woman, you might have to eat "bun guts and cabbage for dinner." Haha. I keep waiting for Rich/Frank screw that line up again, but he hasn't. That's good for him, but not as funny for me. Pshaw.
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