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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Pit Rocketh

Here's why:

~Because we can make faces at the actors while they're on stage
~Because Mr. Canter is funny
~Because Sarah is the Captain
~Because we laugh a lot
~Because Chris says so
~Because Miss Johnson never yells at us
~Because we can eat in the pit (Mr. Canter, today at rehearsal, with his mouth full of cookie: "Oh yeah guys, make sure there's no food in the pit. No eating down here")
~Because we can do homework during rehearsal
~Because there are lots of seniors in pit this year and Yuk-Yuks are going to be good!
~Because musicals make me happy
~Because we can talk to people in the audience during intermission
~Because if someone screws up, the audience doesn't know who it is
~Because we get to wear black and blend it and don't have to change out of our costumes and get our make up off after the show
~Because Sarah makes me laugh ("Mr. Canter, I have something to tell you." "What?" "I've had my way with so many girls, and it's been lots of fun" "Sarah, I never want to hear you say that in public school again.")
~Because I have gained a new appreciation for claranets
~Because of Harpo Joe
~Because of the new and improved Chad (or Chad version 2.0), aka Mr. Holt, the piano BEAST!
~Because Rich and Anna shoot Mr. Canter when they're not paying attention and he pretends to die
~Because I always get to sit at the edge of the pit where I can watch the acting when I'm not playing
~Because Sarah and Erin and I can break into waltzes from Cinderella
~Because it just does!
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