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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Panera is awesome

Here is my lost post. I saved it as a draft on accident.

Time is weird. I can't taste or touch or smell it as it passes. I can measure it, but I can't see it or hear it. I can sit completely still and hold my breath, but it goes just as quickly as when I'm so busy I barely have time to eat. No matter how hard I try to slow them down, the next seven months are going to go just as quickly as the last seven.

Someone decided that they would enjoy watching me squirm as I try to talk my way through some eight thousand schedule conflicts in the month of February. The most notable of these conflicts, though by no means the only, occur February 12 and February 23-25. Some moron (but I didn't say that) scheduled Finneytown's musical the same weekend as Cincinnati's Fine Arts Sampler weekend. As a result, on February 12 I have a BAYSO concert at 1:30 and musical at 2:00. If I had my way, I would do musical in a heartbeat. It's the last musical of my senior year, and I don't want to miss it! However, I'm a section leader at BAYSO and I missed the last concert due to my wrist. So after talking to directors of both activities, I have come up with a compromise. I will be playing the first half of the BAYSO concert (the part that is not combined with CSYO) and then dashing to Finneytown to play in the second half of the musical. It's not what I would have chosen, but at least all the authorities are content about it.

February 23-25 I was supposed to attend two scholarship competitions (Transylvania University competition from early on the 23-afternoon 24 and Asbury, late on the 23- early 25), an orchestra concert (evening 23) and state orchestra contest (either the 24 or 25). Obviously I couldn't do all of those things. After much stress, I decided to drop the Transy competition. I sent back the letter to Transy saying I'm no longer interested and Mom sent the $200 check to Asbury to confirm my place in the incoming class. It's official. I'm an Asburian! Anyway, it now appears that I will be playing in the orchestra concert Thursday evening (again, I can't skip it because I missed the last one due to my wrist), driving to Asbury late that evening. I'll stay there for the competition and then (if contest is on Saturday) I'll leave in time to get back for that. It's gonna be nuts (and I don't imagine I'll sleep much that weekend).

My laptop is here, by the way. : ) It sings to me, to the tune of "In the Hall of the Mountain King" I can ask it, "Computer, what time is it?" or "Computer, tell me a joke" and it does. Hehe. Pretty snazzy.

I went to Panera today to use their Wi-Fi. It was excellent. I downloaded a bunch of stuff that collectively took about five minutes. It would have taken a couple of hours with my dial-up connection here. Hooray for Panera! My lunch there was excellent too. ; )
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