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Friday, February 03, 2006

"I am slowly going crazy, 1 2 3 4 5 6 switch..."

Hahahahaha! I'm going mad I tell you. Stark raving mad! It's fun, though.

Good things that happened to me today:

I found $5 on the floor in the hallway at Finneytown. Because I have an overactive conscience I turned it in to the office (though I get it back if no one claims it) where I was told that since I'm on the F-town seniors list I could sign the seniors' t-shirt design and get a free shirt when they make them. Sweet!

It was rather dead for awhile at work today. I was bored and I had already stocked a ton and wiped all the counters and such on the afternoon checklist, so (even though I didn't really have to go) I asked to go to the bathroom. While I was there I happened to find a coupon for a free bagel and coffee from Panera. Then I got off work a little bit early, changed super-quickly, and dashed across to the mall to Panera for my late lunch/snack thing before back-dashing to my car and driving to musical practice. I discovered that Panera's coffee is way better than Chick-Fil-A's. I drank the whole thing, amazingly enough (and I didn't even put that much sugar in it.) It pepped me up enough to stay awake for the four-hour pit rehearsal (and probably added to my insanity).

Musical was really fun, even though it very, very long. We have so much work to do. But it's getting there. We ordered pizza and had cupcakes with insane amounts of icing. By the end of the four hours we were all cracking and everything was funny. When rehearsal was finally over I got in my car and couldn't stop laughing. And I sang really loud on my drive home (and when I got home I kept singing really loud and laughing because my family was out to dinner). Now I'm watching some movie (the name of which I don't know) on WE and am still in a very hyper, highly caffinated, sugared, sleep-deprived mood. It's not much fun to be crazy along, though.

I forgot to put the creamer in my tea. I tell you, I'm going mad!!!
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