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Thursday, February 02, 2006

I run hither and thither all day and then I finally get home and I sit in front of this computer screen and I can't think of a thing to write.

Here are a jumble of random thoughts for now. I can't promise anything remotely thoughtful until after musical. Ahhhh.

Annie Get Your Gun... Good musical. Finneytown's production needs some help. We could start by preventing all of our lead actors from getting the stomach flu. That puts a damper on things. Pit rocks. Rehearsals are loooooonnnnnngggg. I'm really, really, really tired.

Yesterday Christina and I went to Chipotle. It was good times. We are going to do it again after musical is over and I have a life again. Really, though, Christina, it was the chicken we had last time and steak that Kip (or whoever it was) gave you. I'm right. :P

I love my Bible Study girls. Y'all rock. We found Andrea's house on the first try this time! Go us. Brittany's birthday today and her cupcakes last night brought us good luck. Hehe. Happy 18th birthday Britt! When Brandae turns 18 we need to come up with something to do to celebrate our adulthood. There's gotta be something that the P1^4s would actually do that you can't do until you're 18. What is it? We can't meet next week because of, what? Oh yeah, musical. Ha.

My tea is gone. No one is on IM. I'm dead tired (and yet here I am anyway). I'm going to bed. If I haven't resurfaced in another 8 hours or so someone sent out a search party.

You know, for as much as I complain and as much as it completely takes over my life, I love musical. Really, I do. It's fantastic. I'll write about it sometime.

The Blogger spell checker suggested replacing "Chipotle" with "shiftily." Haha. It has also suggested "Christye" to replace "Christy." Go figure.

I'm tired.
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