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Saturday, January 21, 2006


I have a new AIM screen name. I have been PixiePaw06 for much too long. I'm quite tired of it. Musicalily was already taken, or I would have used that. After many, many tries to get something similar to 'chrysanthemum' that wasn't already taken (and without adding numbers on the end) I have come up with chrysandth3mum. I shall probably use both chrysandth3mum and pixiepaw06 interchangeably for awhile, but if you happen to see me signed on chrysandth3mum, please IM me so I can add you to my buddy list. This way I can ensure that the people on my buddy list are actually people that I talk to. :)

By the way, there is a reason behind the chrysanthemum names (on AIM and on MySpace). Some time ago Heather and I came up with pseudonyms to use if we ever published a book. She named me Chrysanthemum Honey, or Chrys for short. I like it quite a bit, though it's now useless as a secret pseudonym. ;)
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I just recently read over that IM conversation when that name came into being. It's funny how things stick. :)

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