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Monday, April 07, 2008

Stories from the 'Bury

It's springtime and along with the squirrels and robins, all the Asbury couples are coming out of hiding. That seems to be everyone's favorite thing to joke about these days. From where I am sitting in the library, I can see three or four couples out on the vibrantly green semi-circle. It is rather fun to see campus come alive again. In addition to the couples, I can see several people out jogging, some girls in front of G-C studying, and father with a his toddler son walking around. Then there's me, sitting in the library, wishing I wasn't quite so distractible so that I could work outside and actually get something done.

For one of my classes I have to write a 15-25 page fictional story with a moral lesson of sorts. (In addition to the story itself I have to write a 3-page paper on the significance of the symbolism I use.) I'm writing about fairies who live in trees. Maybe that's silly, cliche, and rather girly of me, but I like being able to make up my own world completely and not have to worry so much about getting my facts from this world mixed up. If I don't know how the government in the fairy world works, I can just make it up. Since I am so completely distractible, especially when I'm trying to write something, it helps me to have some sort of instrumental music in the background. This afternoon I bought some George Winston piano music to listen to specifically when I'm working on my story to get me in the right mood. It fits the story amazingly well.

In a slightly more disturbing bit of news, there have been a rash of thefts around campus recently, particularly in the girls' dorms. A friend of mind had $50 stolen right out of her wallet. Needless to say, we have all been much more careful about locking out doors when no one is there. It's easy to become lax about that when things happen so infrequently as they do here. Although I definitely hope this gets resolved soon, I am continually reminded how grateful I am that cash theft has been the biggest crime we've dealt with since I've been on campus.

Somehow I ended up on my hall's intramural softball team this semester. I've yet to play a game because they keep getting cancelled or scheduled for times that I can't play. Still, if I do ever get to play, it's going to be interesting. I'm not sure I have ever played a remotely organized game of softball. Ever. In any case, go Bad Bananas!
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