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Thursday, February 14, 2008

I am spending my Valentine' Day afternoon in the student center working on a bio lab report about depth perception. That's not interesting. What is interesting is the fact that I'm sitting at a table (completely covered in papers, my computer, my cell phone, a bottle of water, and a chai latte) that's about six feet away from an admissions counselor who is talking to a visiting high school student and her parents. It's funny to remember seeing Asbury through prospective-student eyes. In this half of the student center, besides myself and the admissions group, there is a group of four students studying together and a class of about ten students whose professor decided to move class here for the day. Basically, we look like something straight out of an admissions pamphlet. Strangely enough, a lot of college looks just like all the brochures they gave us...

Someone challenged me the other day to guess what his Myers-Briggs personality type was. I found this to be a sort of cruel punishment, as I did not guess very accurately. Still, it got me thinking on the subject of personality types. (I am an ENFP, in case anyone was wondering.) There was a time when I believed myself to be an introvert. I thought that when I came to college I was going to have to work really hard to make sure I had my alone time. How wrong I was! I do not need (nor do I particularly enjoy) "alone time." Instead, I need "on my own time." Take now, for instance. I am sitting by myself, but I'm not actually "alone," because there are at least 15 other people in the room with me. (Or at least that was true when I started this paragraph. Now I am sitting with my dear roomie, and the student center has emptied out considerably.) I get antsy and distracted when I sit alone in my dorm room, but I love walking through a crowd by myself. I enjoy sitting places (like the student center, or the library) where there are lots of people around, but I don't necessarily have to interact with them. Or places where lots of people pass by and I have short conversations with many of them.

Karissa gave me tapioca pudding for Valentine's Day. That girl warms my heart and soul. :)
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