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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spring Break, part eins

A long time ago in a dorm room somewhere it was first speculated, "Hey, we could go up to Courtney's house for spring break and sight see around New England." Somehow, many months and hours of planning (and driving) later, five of us (Courtney, Heather, Karissa, Sam, and myself) are actually here, in Suffield, Connecticut, at Courtney's house. Wow. We left Wilmore at exactly 12:30 Friday afternoon and drove eight hours (with only one stop for gas) to someplace in the middle of PA where we spent the night at Courtney's friend Jessica's house. The only person home was Jess's dad, but he cooked up amazing sloppy Joes with mac 'n' cheese for dinner and then some even more amazing oatmeal pancakes for breakfast. We stayed in a little apartment that they have over their garage with a little kitchen, bathroom, a double bed, a couch bed, and a cot. It was so much nicer than any of us expected and needless to say we were all incredibly grateful!

Saturday we drove another 8.5 hours or so and finally arrived at Courtney's house. We had another fantastic home-cooked meal (spaghetti and meatballs) and watched Meet the Robinsons. Heather and Court have been quoting that movie for weeks. It was great to finally see it. This morning we went to Courtney's church and then stopped at Mark Twain's house for a tour on the way back. It was pretty cool, although Heather and Karissa were definitely the most excited.

Four of us on the couch bed overnight in PA

Myself and my roommate

"Oh my gosh, we're going to Mark Twain's house!"

Us, in front of Mark Twain's house

The house itself
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"ein" actually means "a," like "a piece of chocolate." One would be eins, like one piece of chocolate. Speaking of chocolate...CAKE. (And I'm not meowing.)

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