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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Happy Finals Week

Finals week is upon us again. We have all decorated balloons with the names of our classes and accompanying doodles, hung the balloons outside our doors, and are waiting somewhat impatiently to pop each one as we complete each final. For the first time all semester, every table in the cafeteria is full for breakfast. People stifle yawns as they down another cup of coffee and shuffle through their notes for some last-minute studying.

As much work as it is, I find finals week to be a particularly entertaining time of year. Some aspects are annoying: my favorite table at the library is always full this week. I think that people should rack up library points like frequent flyer miles so that regular library inhabitants can have some sort of priority seating over the bums who come to take our seats for one week a semester. Other aspects, however, are of a less obnoxious nature. Every semester my friends and I start the week off with Velveeta shells and cheese for dinner and follow that later in the week with a trip to the local Chinese restaurant for some takeout. We also spend quite a lot of time studying in the hallway outside of our rooms. I'm not entirely sure why this is, unless it's because the library is too crowded and they all (like me) are too easily distracted studying in the room that also contains beds and snack food.

Saturday afternoon Heather, Sam and I watched "Christmas in Boston," an incredibly cheesy, rather poorly acted ABC Family Christmas movie. In spite of its faults, we had a grand time. If nothing else, it's a lovely example of several communications theories that I'm supposed to be studying. Among them... social information processing theory, cognitive dissonance, coordinated management of meaning, and probably some interpersonal deception theory. Anyway, as an homage to that movie... "I'll see you under the moon."
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