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Thursday, May 25, 2006

FHS Orchestra... is over

It's hard to believe. I've just realized that I probably saw some of those people for the last time. I believe I'm actually going to miss orchestra... a little bit. I'll miss practicing the quartet (quintet, whatever) with Paula and Monica and Sally and Joe. We had a good time goofing off (er, I mean, practicing) several times a week. You guys are all amazing and I look forward to hearing good things from you in the future!

After the concert we had to turn in our uniforms. Mine is skirt number 0, and I've had it all four years of high school.

Me (to Mrs. Dennis, who knew I was homeschooled): I'm rather attached to my skirt. What are they going to do if I don't give it back, withhold my diploma?

Other orchestra mom (very seriously): Yes!


Mrs. Dennis: Christy, I think we're going to retire this skirt like they retire sports jerseys.

Me: In that case, can I just keep it?

Mrs. Dennis: Nope, but you'll have to come back to see it hanging in the PAC.
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Christy! In only a few short months we'll be livin' it up in the Southland. Then it's M*A*S*H all day and all night. Hee, hee.

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