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Monday, May 22, 2006

Ten-ish (non-academic) Things I Learned in High School:

1. Homeschooling is a good thing.
2. It is nearly as easy to get five people together at the same time with no conflicts as it is to land on Mars.
3. How to do CPR
4. How to get along with people I don't like.
5. How to smile when I don't mean it
6. Death is cause for sadness, but not despair.
7. The farther you step into the 'real' world, the bigger it gets.
8. Boys aren't so scary after all. In fact, they're pretty cool.
9. People get bored with you if you don't change your buddy info now and then
10. It's better to laugh than to be profound.

11. God won't bring you to the next step until you're ready for it. Thank goodness.
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Wow, #10 is very profound!

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