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Friday, May 19, 2006

CBC= Creative Biblecollege Crap...?

Since the passing of May 1st (i.e. the college decision deadline) the amount of mail I receive has dwindled tremendously. This is nice because now when I do get mail I can be fairly certain that it's something of importance. Yesterday, however, I received an envelope with only my address and in blue letters: "Important information reguarding your arrival this fall." There was no return address. I suspected that it was not from Asbury as they always use purple lettering, never blue. So I opened it up to find a letter from Circleville Bible College announcing that their name was changing to Ohio Christian University. I have no idea why that information is important to my arrival this fall, especially since I don't plan on arriving there at any time, nor have I ever sent them anything at all, especially not such things as a letter announcing my intent or a tuition deposit, to give this impression. They, on the other hand, have sent me more letters than any other college, including one that had a caribiner enclosed. I like the caribiner. I put it on my car keys. On the other hand, I don't appreciate the multiple emails they sent me that never actually included the name of the school. The first email went like this:

We just received your interest card. I am glad you are considering CBC as your College of Choice. In a few days, you will be receiving a letter from me. In the mean time, you can visit us on the Web at www.biblecollege.edu.
Dave McCowan
Director of Admissions

I don't recall ever sending an interest card. In fact, I am quite sure I did not. Also, I find it amusing that College of Choice is capitalized. I completely ignored this email, so I never found out which CBC it was from. I believe I assumed it was Cincinnati Bible College, even though they are now CCU.

A later email:

Hey! It was great talking to you. I was just checking in to see if you thought of any more questions about CBC. If you do have questions then just e-mail me at enroll@biblecollege.edu. Or call me at 1 (800) 701-0222. Also, if you haven't yet, be sure to check out our website at www.biblecollege.edu.
Have a wonderful day!

Student Recruiter
CBC Admissions Staff

P.S. If you would like to Instant Message with one of us in the admissions office, email us and we will make it happen.

First of all, just like I never sent an interest card, I never talked to a nameless Student Recruiter. Second, when this email was sent, the website didn't work. I didn't figure out which college the email was from until I googled the email address it came from.

And now they're sending me mail AFTER May 1st that assumes I'm attending their school in the fall. Wha???

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