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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Turn your pjs inside out, it's time for a snow dance!

I want very much to know who decided that dancing around with one's pajamas turned inside out would influence the weather gods (or perhaps the school officials) to render school activities obscolete for a day. I don't know if anyone danced tonight, but as far as I'm concerned, it worked. Finneytown has a 2 hour delay tomorrow and that means no orchestra for me. Hooray!

I had to drive home from Physics today in all the snow. I was pretty darn nervous the whole time, especially when I slid sideways into an intersection (while the light was red) on Kemper. I had pretty much decided to pull over at that point and live in my car until the snow melted. Fortunatley, I didn't do that and I made it home in only 35 minutes. Hooray again.

115. I made it home alive today
116. There's snow outside
117. No orchestra tomorrow
118. The weather people on TV make me laugh.
119. J.S. Bach
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