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Friday, December 02, 2005

I need to hire a secretary. People could call her up and say, "Is Christy available on such-and-such a day at such-and-such a time?" and she would prevent me from overbooking myself, as I far too often do. "Please call one week in advance. Two weeks notice is needed for activities requiring over $20." I finally told Miss Johnson (the orchestra director) that I'm not going on the Williamsburg trip. With my "extra" $375 (I couldn't get my $75 deposit back) I went Christmas shopping and am paying for Windy Gap (a trip that is much superior to Williamsburg. It's only a day shorter, farther away, much more beautiful, with cooler people and costs $300-350 less!) and am going to see Pride and Prejudice tonight (I'm sure I'd do that anyway, it would just be with Mom's or a friend's money) and Wicked in March and hopefully Phantom of the Opera and A Christmas Carol this month. And saving for my laptop (which I shall probably get in January). Hooray.

A second edition of 101 Things That Make Me Happy:
  1. I learned how to sign my name again
  2. fleece blankets
  3. space heaters
  4. Irish Breakfast Tea
  5. Chick-Fil-A sweet tea
  6. girls nights
  7. blank journals
  8. My Utmost for His Highest
  9. Latin
  10. reading my old journals
  11. cool coffee/tea mugs
  12. Jane Austin
  13. Mannheim Stamroller Christmas music
  14. Christmas music in general (but not the stuff at the mall)
  15. tearing apart Flannery O'Connor
  16. getting questions right on Jeopardy!
  17. Heather
  18. waking up to find my cat sleeping curled up next to me (or on top of me, or underneath me)
  19. snow
  20. reading a poem many times and suddenly understanding it
  21. black BIC pens
  22. fountain pens
  23. [controlled] fires
  24. sunshine
  25. "good" rain
  26. driving by myself and singing along with the radio
  27. having a cd player in my car
  28. having a car
  29. the fact that I can still sype easily, even if writing by hand is very difficult
  30. old books
  31. comments on my blog
  32. learning to pronounce DeQuervain's Tenosynovitis
  33. musicals
  34. black and white photographs
  35. hoodies
  36. My and Paula's secret 'handshake'
  37. iTunes
  38. Emmanuel
  39. the feeling I get every Monday when co-op is over
  40. mi Biblia
  41. the 'mint crisps' candy tht the kiosk at the mall gives free samples of
  42. crackling leaves
  43. Euchre (and Rummy and Nert and Poker, and on and on)
  44. never ending Monopoly games
  45. fooseball
  46. finishing my homework
  47. homemade soup
  48. cranberry sauce
  49. my dictionary
  50. Asbury College
  51. magnetic poetry
  52. "ouchless" hair ties
  53. sandpaper cat tongues
  54. People who use words that I make up
  55. Springdale's Showcase Cinema (even though they changed their name to something weird)
  56. the word 'muse'
  57. jelly beans
  58. people who give me jelly beans
  59. fuzzy socks
  60. getting letters (yes, snail mail. It's rare these days)
  61. NMPC
  62. Summer Interns
  63. One particular former summer intern who speaks Latin and plays percussion, but never EVER writes me. (That's a hint if you read this, Sheri!)
  64. starting a new journal
  65. zits that go away quickly
  66. the comic "Frazz"
  67. not being cold (which is rare these days)
  68. Sudoko puzzles
  69. doing crossword puzzles with my dad
  70. writing poems
  71. fancy quasi-coffee drinks from Starbucks
  72. Windy Gap
  73. Panera
  74. sitting by the lake at Winton Woods
  75. brightly colored leaves
  76. stained glass windows (the real thing)
  77. stained glass windows (the dessert that Laura/Laura's mom makes for Christmas Eve)
  78. candlelight church services
  79. places where you can see a lot of stars
  80. the Glasgo's farm
  81. waking up and realizing that I don't have to get up yet
  82. having time to lie in bed and think at night
  83. family gatherings at my grandma Hum's house
  84. Peanuts cartoons
  85. A Charlie Brown Christmas
  86. White Christmas (the movie)
  87. my new long underware (I'm going to be the warmest person at Windy Gap)
  88. finding money in my pants that I forgot about
  89. wearing my elf hat at work
  90. daisies and daffodils
  91. dangly earrings
  92. sledding
  93. The Sippie (at Windy Gap)
  94. getting packages
  95. talking to the funny old lady at the post office
  96. eating pizza after not having pizza for a long time
  97. buying random things at gas stations while on road trips (glow-in-the-dark fake silly putty anyone?)
  98. British spellings
  99. Greensleeves when played by a large string orchestra. It's amazing.
  100. Barrage
  101. Life!
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