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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

This is why I called my blog 'a vestige of thought...'

Real thought is sorely lacking.

Start with your age and count down (This is actually rather difficult):

18 years of age
17th of December I will be at Windy Gap
16 modules in my Physics book
15 jumping jacks that I just completed
14 is my favorite number
13 songs I've downloaded from iTunes (over the past two months)
12 active buddies on my buddy list
11 songs on a CD I burned a few days ago
10th of December is the day I started keeping a journal 8 years ago
9 times that I have been to Duck, NC (I think)
8 more days of wearing a wrist brace
7 Latin sentences written today
['0]6 is perhaps the best class. (Or perhaps not. I'm willing to debate it.)
5 years that I've been homeschooled
4 cups of tea that I've had today
3 years that I've had my cat
2 GB of space left on my computer (and that's because I just cleared about a GB of stuff off)
1 fish left of the five that I 'rescued' nearly two years ago

109. I can't play violin for a couple of weeks, but I can let my nails grow.
110. I got free tickets to the CSO through BAYSO
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