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Saturday, December 03, 2005

My cat is crazy. She is very independent and has quite a mind of her own. This afternoon my aunt (who is allergic to cats and certainly not overly fond of them) came over to meet Mom before they went out someplace. Deb (the aunt) sat down on the couch in our living room and was chatting with my parents when Mia came it. I wasn't present, but apparently Deb visibly stiffened at the sight of her. Mia, who is most often aloof to strangers, then proceeded to jump onto the coffee table next to Aunt Deb and attempt to settle herself on Deb's lap. She was quickly discouraged, but the whole family (minus Deb) found this incredibly amusing. Mia never, ever sits on laps. I can sometimes trick her into it by placing her on my lap while she is asleep and then remaining very still. As soon as she awakens and discovers that she has been hoodwinked, she protests (usually with claws in my legs) and jumps down quickly. Apparently it's true that cats can always pick out the cat-hater in the room. Really, the only time she allows physical contact with humans is when she wants something or the human (and only myself in this circumstance) is asleep.

Mia can be very demanding when she wants something. She's hopelessly spoiled. She walks on the treadmill (with assistance, of course), gets picked up and put on top of the dresser (though she can easily jump up there herself. The food is up there so the older, fatter cat can't get to it) to eat, and usually gets scraps of whatever I have for lunch. The latter is actually somewhat amusing. Mia is rarely vocal (which is probably why she gets her way so often), but before I give her any 'people food' I say, "Mia, say please." She then gives a very cute little, "Mew," and gets her treat.

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