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Saturday, November 19, 2005

My Name, Mihi Nomen, Me Llamo, Je M'appelle

I have decided that it is completely inappropriate and horrible to require employees in fast food and many other work venues to wear nametags bearing their first names. There is absolutely no reason that Joe Blow out there needs to know my name. 'Miss' or 'ma'am' will be perfectly sufficient for the stranger who needs to get my attention. I really do hate it when strangers call me Christy. Especially creepy ones. "Thanks, Christy (sly grin)" *shudder* They get my name all dirty in their mouths and I feel the need to take it back and scrub it clean again. Many [most] people, I'm sure, only wish to be friendly, but I still don't like it. Had I been born a hundred years ago, such strangers would have called me 'Miss Humason.'
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