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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I is for Igloo

I talked to Heather this morning. 'Heather,' said I, 'what does 'I' stand for? I have A-H, but I'm stuck on I. 'Why Christy,' she replied, ''I,' of course, stands for igloo!' Not just any old igloo, mind you, but the one in Alaska, where it snows 10 months of the year, that she plans to live in. She has also informed me that in the two months it does not snow she will live on (in?) a sled with her pack of wolves while adding onto and renovating her igloo. (Apparently the wolves also bring her food year round. I hope you can grow limes or something up there, Heather, because I don't want you dying of scurvy.) I guess maybe there's still snow on the ground, even tough it's not snowing? Might be hard to sled otherwise...

Though I thought living in a place where it's always snowing and completely dark for half of the year might get depressing, she informed me that this will be no problem. She has a polar bear to keep her company and spends her time knitting sweaters for the local penguins. I'm fairly sure that penguins live in southern coldness as opposed to northern coldness. When I said as much she replied that her sweaters were for puffins, not penguins. I don't know if there are puffins in Alaska, but I suppose I'll take her word for it. And the yarn for her sweaters is imported from Jamaica, by the way. It's all donated, so she doesn't need any money.

So there you have it. I is for igloo. Still, I always thought Heather would prefer Vermont...
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There aren't any igloos in Vermont. But would still rather live there. "It must be beautiful in Vermont this time of year. All that snow."

2:42 PM  

I think that would get a little boring up there all by myself, but thats just me.

7:31 PM  

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