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Friday, July 07, 2006

Things that are fun:

Simultaneously sliding and spinning in my office chair so that I very smoothly end up at the opposide side of the U-shaped desk I sit at(so that I can get my next page to type).

Flavored water

Wicked, the musical

White-out tape dispenser thingies

Google Reader

Casual Friday

Things that are not fun:

Squishing my finger in a filing cabinet (and then typing lots while it still hurts).


Microsoft Word autoformatting things that I DON'T want autoformatted(!) or not letting me move text somewhere I want it to go.

Wicked, the book

Blow-drying my hair

The disgusting artificial cherry smell in the girl's bathroom that's next to engineering.
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Uh, of course they still make transformers. I think. Yeah, I'm not real sure.

Let me quote one of my thoughts to you whilst watching POTC2:

"I wish Christy was here."

And I'm not lying.

9:25 AM  

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