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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Fast Food Woes

Please, someone remind me that I'm not a completely pointless lump of carbon. Starting this week, off and on through May 20 and then for 3 months until I leave for Asbury I am basically a Chick-Fil-A robot. It's not a bad job. In fact, I like it most of the time. But... it's selling chicken. Selling chicken takes the brain activity of a Milk Dud. BO-ring. Also, I hate suggestive selling. A month ago it was adding lettuce and tomato to a CFA sandwich. I can handle that. Now it's cold slaw. I strongly dislike cold slaw. Plus, it's horrible for you. It's like I'm encouraging people to be fat. I don't like that. Half the time I want to yell at peope for ordering such unhealthy meals. There is a guy who regularly orders a #7 plus cheese, value sized with a brownie. That's a Chick-Fil-A sandwich with cheese, a large fry, a large sweet tea (in this case) a cold slaw and a brownie. That's 2000+ calories and nearly 90 grams of fat, if I remember correctly. Gross! I guess I just need to get used to it. Mom tells me I will. She should know, as she worked at McDonalds for a few years. Would you like fries with that?
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Number one, I happen to be in love with cole slaw. Number two, maybe that's all the guy eats, so really he's only putting 2,000 calories a day in his system. (I'm trying to think positively here.) And number three...I didn't have a number three. Have a nice day!

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I love your analogy of having the brain of a Milk Dud. Those are yummy. Knowing me I would find one way or another to mess it up. :) It's sad that you are only here for 3 months :( I will miss you tons! So you must come and visit or I will go and kidnap you or something of the sort. LYL!

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