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Monday, March 20, 2006

Pioneer Plunge!

I returned to Cincinnati late yesterday evening after a weekend of hiking up steep mountains, tripping on rocks, getting sunburned (or is it sunburnt?), spooning, and smelling like wood smoke (probably the best smell in the world). Here is an eclectic collection of memories:

~Roasted apples! With cinni-shug! Most superb.

~Night one:
Somebody: If you have a mummy bag, it's warmer to wear fewer clothes.
Somebody else: I'm strippin'!
Me: Yes!
Jaimi: Me too!


Jaimi: I'm FREEZING!
Me: The key is if you have a mummy bag, ya dork.

~Night two:
Me: My thighs are cold.
Jaimi: My thighs are amazing.
Me: *nearly died laughing*

~Me 'n' Caitlin singing Disney songs for a really long time

~On the team ski-walking things: "1,2,3 RIGHT! 1,2,3 LEFT! 1,2,3 AHHH!" (everyone falls over)


~spooning with Cait on the bus

~Violin and cello duet! Encoring at Experience and possibly at church soon!

~Mae forgot Rachael

~Laura is an awesome french-braider

~Mae makes me happy

~I <3 my Weird Wyoming girls!

~Chief, the grumpy bus driver

~Caitlin: "From now on, everything is Chief's fault"

~Kara broke her foot while singing Veggietales and dancing a jig. That's about the most amusing way I've ever heard of to break a foot.

~I nearly took a shower, but didn't.

~ENDLESS Mafia games on the bus!

~Turley always died first

~Paul SO needs a girl

~Ghost stories with Mae and the Wyoming boys.

~Paxton trying to get me to hide in the dark woods. It didn't work.

~"Humans can lick fingers too."

~Albino eyes

~Lee freaking out. "Geeze, why'd you tell me that! You said it wasn't scary!"

~stale marshmallows

~Mrs. Hensey bought me Jelly Bellies!

~Margarita ("My parents were hippies and it means Daisy in Spanish")

~"Brandae! A HA HA HA HA (Kara laugh)"

~Memories of the murder pit

~LOTS and LOTS of spaghetti

~Henrietta, the wood stove

~The floor under Henrietta catching fire

~communion with white bread and apple juice

~"What color underwear are you wearing?"

~Zaxby's (I didn't get any, but I ate everyone else's)

~Caitlin and her beef jerkey

~Caitlin and her starburst belly jeans

~Caitlin and her rogurt yovered caisins.

~How to get guys: wear beef jerkey around your neck.

~"Signs" that didn't work

~Killer Wink WON'T work on the bus!

~Andrew, the awesomest mayor

~Mae killed me

~I was the Mafia and I WON!!! Bwahahahaha!

~Livy! My favorite Plunge freshman!

~screwy age distribution (freshman & sophomore guys and jr. and sr. girls)

~rumors of the "loft of love" in the guys cabin

~We got hoodies!

~Headline: "Girl on way to Asbury College, murdered in cold blood"

I'm sure I'm forgetting some, but that's all for now. Stay tuned for more later and please add your own!
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ok. you forgot:

the david love song

the guy driving next to us...

lee's suspenseful mayor

lukes horrible mayor skills.. "ok mafia wake up". "um you havent picked anyone yet".

the nickname game that i could NOT participate in

lee's panic attack cuz of the sleeping bag switcheroo

"shake it paxton, or we will all vote to eliminate you(in mafia."
"i'd rather die!!!!!!!!!!!!"

that one thing cait and kara were laughing about that i didnt really understand....

earl! duh

funky techno beats by the pond

cait has more!!!!!!!

ok well IM DONE

10:51 PM  

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