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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Two months, 19 days, but who's counting?

Mom and I spent about two and a half hours this afternoon going through boxes of pictures.  I had to pick 7 from high school and 7 of me growing up (except I have 8 and I can't decide which one to drop) for my graduation.  It was kind of weird to spend all that time looking at pictures of myself.  I mean, is that pink wrinkly thing really me?  And that toddler?  Because she doesn't look like me.  How did she turn into that akward 5th grader?  And how did that 5th grader turn into me?  It's strange to think about.  Eighteen years of life sure amounts to a lot of pictures.

I also have to choose a song to be played before the ceremony.  That's going to be difficult.  And I have to decide which violin piece to perform.  At least that choice is more limited than the former.

Graduation is breathing down my neck all of a sudden.  Oi.
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hahaha - I forgot about that list. Too bad the first two actually do get killed in movies.

And Orlando Bloom can be taken off that list in my opinion.

6:20 PM  

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