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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

What is the point of abridging books?  If you're too lazy to read the whole thing, just use the Sparknotes!  Stop taking pieces out of books I want to read so that I buy them, not realizing that they are dumbed down, and then start reading them only to discover that there are pieces missing!  It frustrates me to no end.

For example:
I was given a copy of The Count of Monte Cristo for Christmas a few years ago.  I knew when I opened it that it was much too short to be the real Count of Monte Cristo, so I used a gift card to buy what I though was the full version (the longest one on the shelf).  I recently discovered that this version is abridged as well.  I have finally gotten my hands on what I believe to be the real thing.  No where in it or on it can I find the words "abridged" or "unabridged," but the length and size of font seems correct.  Scott got the movie for Christmas and I have vowed to read the book before I see it.

I also realized today that my copy of Robinson Crusoe is abridged.  This copy cost me only 25 cents, so I don't mind the loss too much.  However I plan to keep my eye out for a full version.  Come to think of it I have one, but it is in my collection of old books (this one is from the 1930s, I believe) and I don't want to take it out of the house.

It seems that it is time to clean out the thrift store's shelves of classic books once again.  A quarter a book.  Can't get much better than that.
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