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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Two Thoughts:

Today's money system is weird when you think about it.  I work two or three days a week selling chicken.  Every two weeks I get a piece of paper with some numbers on it.  I go to the bank and give them the piece of paper.  Then I go home and sign on to my online banking account.  I see the numbers in my two accounts.  I need to pay a bill, so I click on the numbers in my savings account and move some of it to my checking account.  Now there is a bigger number in my checking account and a smaller number in my savings account.  I then type some more numbers, click send, and the number in my checking account is smaller too.  But now the Computer People won't come after me because I sent them Numbers to appease them.

Never mind, I don't want to share that thought. 
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