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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I ran on my treadmill this evening because I was cold because every time I say 'I'm cold,' my dear mother says, 'then to run on the treadmill.' So tonight I ran without her even saying anything. I ran and I warmed up and I took my hoodie off. But then I started to get cold again so I said outloud, 'Ok, my hotness is wearing off now.' And then a little voice in the back of my head said, 'Christy, dear, your hottness will never wear off.' And the big voice in the front of my head said, "Well it's nice to know that somebody thinks so." And then I put my sweatshirt back on. On a related note: I watched "The Biggest Loser" while I ran, since it happened to be on the channel that the tv was turned to in that room, and I reflected on the weirdness of the fact that some people can lose more pounds than I weigh and still be overweight. It's strange to think about.

Sometimes I read other blogs and I think to myself, 'why can't I write excellent blog-things like that?' And I get in the mood to try. Whether I succeed is up for debate. It seems to me that a successful blog must have at least five readers, which I am fairly certain that I do not. I could be wrong, of course. I read enough random people's blogs to realize the chance that someone random may read mine. But it is probably conceited to consider that my ramblings are interesting enough to capture the attention of someone who does not already know me. I suppose, though, that all blogs are really written with the hope that someone who would not already know the blogger's opinions and circumstances will read the blogger's blog and be inspired to think about something in at least a slightly different light. Public platforms are more readily available at this point in time than ever before, but luck is much more necessary than ever before in gaining an audience.

I followed someone I know home from work today on the highway. Not purposely, of course. I just happened to be behind their car. Actually, it was the person's dad who was driving the car. But that is beside the point. I drove home in the rain with my instrumental music playing thinking, once again, about graduation and change and all that crap. I started thinking about this person and how many times I had been in that car- that I was now following- on the way to youth group and whatnot and all the great conversations that hey and I and several others used to have and how hey used to make me laugh and how I never even speak to hem anymore. And I sighed a profound sigh and got off at the proper exit and promptly forgot about it until this, the time of day when I pull random thoughts out of my head and parrot them off for my pseudo-audience to read (or perhaps just for myself).

I like to go up to Panera and drink tea or coffee and type. But I have had to give up blogging there, unless it is simply typing. For whatever reason, I cannot connect to Blogger there. I can also not send emails. I can receive, but not send. If anyone knows why this is and can tell me how to fix it, I would be forever in heir debt.

I hate it when I get really motivated to write something and then get distracted and lose all desire to work on it.

Something does not become officially mine until their is a pen mark on it. My sheets and my pillowcases are covered in little pen dots and lines that fade with washings, but never go away. When I was younger I wrote messages on my walls, which are now scrubbed and painted over. I usually have pen marks on my hands and sometimes on my clothes. Even my computer has a pen mark on it. There is a little dot on the button of my trackpad that found its way there only two days after I got the computer. I saw it, and I laughed.

Fact about myself that you maybe did not know: I very rarely take steps one at a time. At my house I always get a running start and go up them two or three at a time. Other places (such as church and the mall) I take them two at a time in a very dignified manner. Of course, when I really have to be dignified I walk up steps normally, but bounding is so much more fun.

And that is all for today's edition of Randomness Theatre. Tune in next week for more enjoyable unpredictability and pretentious spelling mishaps.

An afterthought: I find it a bit ironic that Blogger's dictionary does not have the word 'blog' in it.
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There are many entries in my journals where I've written with resignation, "Must I always write on myself?"

I read your blogs, and am't I the only one who matters?


4:42 PM  

Christy you are so funny! The day that you graduate and leave Finneytown will be one of the sadest days of my life. *sniff sniff* you better come and visit! and i love your random blogs.
Love ya lots!

10:58 PM  

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