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Sunday, March 12, 2006

I'm really only 15...

Look at that! I have two whole comments on that last entry! Haha. Life's not bad. ; )

Last night I went with a bunch of girls to the Wildwood Inn in Florence, KY to celebrate Brandae's birthday. It was quite a lot of fun. The things we talk about... my goodness. Haha. I can't say as I was terribly impressed with the hotel staff though. The indoor pool area was amazing. Besides the large pool, there was also a huge hot tub with a waterfall in it. Apparently you had to be 16 to use the hot tub. I did not know this, as I did not have my glasses on and could not see the signs. But no matter. I am, after all, 18. It should not have mattered. The first time I got into the hot tub there were several other girls there. Again, I had my glasses off and was pretty much blind. I guess they all looked underage because the pool official guy came over and said, "Everyone under 16 has to get out!" A bunch of girls grumbled and groaned, but got out. I didn't move. The guy stayed there and looked at me and stated very emphatically, "Everyone under 16 must get out!" I said, "I'm 18." He said, "Do you have ID?" It was in my hotel room, and I told him so, adding that honest, I'm 18, and you can ask my friend's parents over there. "Are you sure you're 16?" "I'm 18!" And then, in a very rude tone, "You sure as hell don't look 16! Get out!" Well, I tell you, I was STEAMED! He could have been civil and said that he really needed to see ID. I would not have been pleased, but I would have gotten it. Perhaps even in this circumstance I overreacted. I stormed out of the pool area, snatched my towel, stomped across the parking lot in the cold rain (in only my bathing suit and, now, my soaking wet towel), threw my stuff around in my room until I found my drivers' license, stopped in to tell the other girls to bring their IDs with them, and stormed back over to the pool and got back into the hot tub. The guy never came back over, but I so would have loved to shove that in his face. In that respect, it's probably good that he did not come back. I wrote an email of complaint to the hotel today. I'm curious to see if they will do anything. I'll keep you posted.
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