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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Wahoo!!!!! I've been trying for two hours to get to here. Everything was loading very, very slowly (especially Google related things), but then the magical Laura started talking to me on IM and suddenly everything worked perfectly. Go figure. Thanks, Laura. ;)

Of course now that I went through all that I don't have a whole lot to say. I applied for another credit card today and this time Dad co-signed with me, so I shouldn't have any trouble getting it. I find out in 7-10 business days and then I can order my laptop! I don't really want a credit card yet, though. Everyone keeps telling me it's a necessary evil of modern life. I plan to use it to buy this computer (which I shall pay off in about 2 months) and then stash it in a closet for awhile.

I was channel flipping this evening (while waiting for my email to load) and came across some show that was audition tapes for a "reality" show. The audition crew were asking "beautiful" girls questions like "What is the square root of 100?" and "Who is the vice president of the US?" But my favorite is this:
Interviewer: Can you name two of the seven continents?
Girl: (blank stare) ...(mumbling) this always was my worst subject
Interviewer: Can you name one continent?
Girl: (more silence) Can someone tell... I can't remember what a continent is.

This one is good too:
Interviewer: What is the sun?
Girl: Duh! Everyone knows that. It's a planet like Earth or Mars or the moon. It's just... all on fire and stuff and too hot to live on.

* * * * *

Mom, yesterday morning while doing school with Lisa (and both of them were eating breakfast):
"Well, here we are. Another day; another cheese stick."

Dad is walking on the treadmill and channel flipping:
"Ah look, C-Span... lots of people walking around... our government at work."
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