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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

My computer is crap. I had typed a few paragraphs and was, indeed, nearly finished, when something odd happened. All the programs I had open closed and the internet disconnected. Everything seems to be working properly, but I lost my blog entry and all the websites that I had so carefully lined up and was comparing. Fortunately, my Word document was rescued. Also fortunately, I shall have a nice and new computer in my possession very soon. I hope.

I am doing absolutely nothing tomorrow. That is to say, there is no pink on the calendar. (Pink is the assigned "Christy's activities color"). I did have orchestra, but it was cancelled because Finneytown has exams. I was going skiing with Learning Tree people, but it's rainy and warm so the trip was pushed back a couple of weeks. I did have P1^4, but it was cancelled due to exams and (I believe) pep band playing at the Finneytown vs Wyoming basketball game. Of course, I still have some school to do, though not a lot since co-ops don't start for another two weeks. Tomorrow I plan to sleep late, do the schoolwork that I need to do, and read a ton. I'm reading so many things these days. Primarily I am reading Mere Christianity, but I am also actively working on St. Augustine's Confessions, The Aeneid, Portrait of a Lady (which isn't boring or anything, but I've been having a horrible time getting through it) and several different children's books that Lisa keeps giving me and saying, "Christy, you have to read this!" Mostly I read them to amaze her with how fast I can read. He. Some of them are really good, though. The Little Prince, for example.

I have just remembered that I washed my sheets today and haven't put them back on my bed yet. That means they will be cold. I'd better collect all the cats and get them to warm the bed up for me. He.
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I was in a house full of Steelers fans and rooting very adamantly for the Bengals. Evidently my rooting didn't do much good. I tried. I really did. I'm sorry.

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