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Thursday, January 05, 2006

I started writing a story this afternoon. I haven't written any fiction in awhile. It was great fun. I don't know exactly where the inspiration came from (though now that I think on it, it was probably from The Cronicles of Narnia which I finished recently) but I started writing and just kept on writing pages and pages for about two and a half hours. The story was about a boy named Clarence (which is a horrid name, but I said, 'Boy, what is your name?' and he said, 'Clarence,' so I said, 'Clarence it is.') and his cousin ('Step-cousin, really,' Clarence informed me) Janie who discovered a magic book. I wrote all about how they got the book and then how they discover that the book is magic and how get it open (which took some work), but when it came to what was actually in the book, I got stuck. I hope that Clarence decides to tell me sooner or later, because I'm very curious.

* * * * *

This morning in orchestra I talked with Becky before class. Just before Miss Johnson arrived, Becky's stand partner got there and said that she had left the music folder at home. My stand partner was practicing in the back today, so I suggested that one of them move up and sit with me. As I was suggesting this, I began walking toward the front of the stage, where my seat is. Unfortunately, I was not paying very close attention and (as Miss Johnson was walking in) I stepped and missed the stage and fell off. It was rather funny (especially afterwards), though at the time I think I would have rather remained laying on the floor for the rest of class. When I landed I started laughing and couldn't stop for about five minutes. Even now as I'm thinking about it (and admiring my bruises) I'm laughing. Someone said that maybe while I'm concertmaster they should install safety nets on the sides of the stage. :P

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