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Saturday, January 07, 2006

"For in that sleep... what dreams may come... must give us pause"


I dream a lot. Most of my dreams make little sense or I don't remember them. Many of my dreams are quite entertaining. A few days ago I drempt that I was at a family reunion in some incredibly beautiful tropical place with a whole bunch of waterfalls. Except that my family wasn't really my family and consisted of a whole bunch of random people that I know, like a guy who used to be in Sunday school with me in elementary school (who I haven't seen in years) and nearly the whole Finneytown viola section. I very, very rarely have "bad" dreams. That is to say, I can't remember the last time I have actually woken up from a dream frightened. Last night I had the following dream (I have absolutely no clue what could have triggered it):

I was in the family room with my dad just before I went up to bed when suddenly the three outside walls of the room turned into glass. Outside were five or six zombies, all of whom were once people I knew in daily life (though not people that I actually know in real life). I don't know what zombies are actually supposed to look like, but these looked like army men dressed in (thick) rags and wearing grotesque gas masks. They all had some sort of blast gun that (now, from a waking perspective) looked very fake. Dad and I watched as they walked around our yard and slaughtered all our neighbors (who for some reason were all in our yard) and then started toward our house. Dad had called 911 and was telling the dispatcher everything that was going on: "They're cutting open the dog. Now they're throwing the bodies all over the jungle gym!" It was disgusting. Then the zombies realized that they could see us in the house, so they started walking toward us, but they couldn't get through the glass. They turned their guns on the house and Dad yelled into the phone, "They're going to vaporize the walls! They're going to get in!" And the 911 dispatcher said, "Well, uh... good luck with that," and hung up. That's when I awoke, all sweaty and completely freaked out. As soon as I open my eyes, I see two glowing orbs right above my face, which turned out to be Mia sitting on my chest, but it freaked me out even more. And then I fell asleep again and completely forgot about the whole thing until this morning.

* * * * *

At work today Paula asked me what I would choose as my theme song, or rather, the song I would want to play whenever I walked into a room. Apparently she's compiling a list or something. I thought long and hard about it, and I think that those are two very different things. Choosing a theme song is easy: For the Moments I Feel Faint by Relient K. I wouldn't want that to play whenever I entered a room, however. For that I tenatively pick (after thinking long and hard about it) Happy by Matthew West. But ask me tomorrow and I'd probably pick a different one.

* * * * *

This afternoon, while watching football:
Dad: What's that noise?
Me: That's a CD of a stream and nature sounds that Mom's playing.
Dad: It sounds like a machine gun
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