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Sunday, January 01, 2006

I am very envious of people who can, in a few simple words, describe something in an amusing way without the least bit of ambiguity. Take Chris Rice for example. He has such a unique way of saying things, but they always make sense in a sometimes funny, sometimes mysterious, poetic kind of way.

This is pretty close to the poem/prayer I've been trying to write ever since I first held a pen:

Fresh page, new pen
Where do I begin
Words fail, tears come
I need someone
To take the thoughts I almost think
And carry them to God for me

Deep breath, exhale
Breathe in deeper still
Long sigh, I’m still numb
Is there anyone
Who can find the things I’m barely feeling
And give them wings beyond my ceiling?

Right heart, wrong place
It’s too far to outer space
Sorry, I forgot, You’re right here
I cup my hands around Your ear
I feel you smile, You feel my breath
You listen while I whisper non-sense

Simple exchange
Your will, I’m changed
And now my prayer ends
Thank You, Amen.
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