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Friday, December 23, 2005

"This is how you remind me of what I really am..."

Scott bought that Nickelback song from iTunes and I've had it stuck in my head almost continually since then. It's a good song.

I'm not sure whether it is Blogger or just my computer that has bee preventing me from posting here for the past couple of days. I shall now try again with a shortened description of my past few days.

Since returning home from Windy Gap, I have been struck with an unpleasant cold. It is nearly healed now, but yesterday and the day before it behaved quite oddly. I continually felt the need to sneeze, but the sneeze did not come. Instead, my nose would itch and my left eye would water like mad. This was not a problem when I was at home and could easily grab a tissue. However, yesterday morning I had to run up to Jo Ann Fabric's. I was still in my pj's (yellowish lounge pants and a hoodie with my hair thrown back in a ponytail and my glasses on) as I did not want to change an extra time before putting in my uniform for work. I figured I would run in, run out, and not see anyone I knew. It is not terribly uncommon for me to run errands in my pj's in the morning. However, when two girls I know (not terribly well, but well enough to say 'hi' and chat for a moment) walked into Jo Ann's, I was in my pj's with one red, swollen eye, tear stains on my left cheek and a red, runny nose. I imagine I was quite a sight to behold. I waved and ducked out, thoroughly embarrassed.

I love my job. I certainly do not want to spend longer than necessary working in fast food, but for the time being, I enjoy it very much. Except for yesterday. Yesterday sucked. But that's over and done with. Today was great fun. Paula cracks me up. Many people know (and some people don't, but will now) that I have an extremely sensitive and ticklish waist. Some have even made poking me in the side a sport to see how high they can make me jump. I have not been poked in quite a while and had rather forgotten about this sport. I was simply bagging food, lost in my own little world, when Paula came up behind me and pinched me on both sides. I'm not sure if she was aware of my potential reaction, but I leaped about five feet in the air and screeched, very nearly throwing hot fries into her face. Paula and I both then dissolved into laughter and had quite a bit of difficulty regaining seriousness. The moral of the story: don't poke Christy in the side when she's holding hot food.

There is a Jewish guy that Paula knows who works at the "moving picture" kiosk near the food court. Many people asked him why he wore a Santa hat if he was Jewish. Here's why:
Santa hats make people relaxed and happy. Relaxed and happy people like to buy crap. People who buy crap are what secure my job." I guess that solves the mystery of why people spend hundreds of dollars on silly "moving pictures:" it's the Santa hats.

Today I was bagging, again in my own little world, and I began whistling "Winter Wonderland." Suddenly it dawned on me: I was whistling "Winter Wonderland" and it sounded like "Winter Wonderland!" I have not whistled anything recognizable in years.

I finished reading through the entire Bible today. That was my New Year's resolution for 2005 and probably the first one I have ever kept. Hooray.

Happy Christmas Eve Eve.
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