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Thursday, December 29, 2005

I've been kind of... unsettled for the past couple of days. I believe it comes from thinking to hard and trying to hard to understand things that I just can't. I'm trying to figure out just what exactly I need to know about how God works. Is it just important to know the facts, or is it more important to know the why of the facts? What should I seek to understand and what should I just take on faith? I'm certainly better at taking things on faith. In many cases I feel that I don't really care why, but that somehow I ought to. I start to read about things, and then I start to think about them or try to write about them. Usually I end up just going crazily in circles and getting nowhere at all. And there are so many different view points that if I finally do agree with something, chances are I'm wrong.

I asked someone a question a few days ago and I got a reply that basically said, "You're just a teenager, so don't worry about stuff like that." But, I wonder, doesn't that mean I'll have to worry about it later? Why put it off? Why shouldn't I be able to understand stuff now?

I have found one thing that is particularly encouraging. I have been re-reading many of the things I wrote as a freshman. I had so many questions then that I didn't think could be answered, and yet now, only three years later, I have satisfactory answers to many of them. Maybe in another three years I'll have answers to this year's questions.

I am learning that sometimes we ask questions and Jesus says (as he did to Peter), "What is that to you? You must follow me."

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178. Aslan (and The Chronicles of Narnia in general. How did I manage to make it this far in life without reading them?)
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180. the poetry books I got at Half Price Books
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