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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

And the wrist saga continues...

I was only supposed to have to wear the brace through last Wednesday. I started taking it off for short periods of time and then gradually longer and longer times. The good news is: when I'm wearing the brace, my wrist doesn't hurt. The bad news is: when I take the brace off and actually do normal things with my hands (like writing for a long time or cutting lemons at work) it hurts worse than before. So I probably have to go back to the doctor in about a week (unless it miraculously heals before then) to get it x-rayed. Joy and a pickle. I would be going back earlier, but my doctor is on vacation. So... more time of not playing violin or writing much. Maybe someone should just shoot me. :P

Though it sometimes feels like God has taken away my ability to do just about everything that I'm good at, people (and quite a wide variety of people) keep telling me that God is going to use this time to teach me something. Well, God, I'm listening.

At least I can read. I plan to do a lot of that over Christmas break. And I can type. Depending on when I get my laptop and how long I have wrist troubles, I may switch to typing my journal entries for a time.

*being positive, being positive, being positive*

I went to Festival of Lights tonight. It made me sad, because it wasn't nearly as good as I remember. But I got to watch a puppet show where dancing marshmallows used creative methods to jump into a mug of hot chocolate. It was moderately amusing. :)
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