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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Breeze-Filled Spaces

As hard as I try, intelligent thought is escaping me tonight. When I attempt to think, a little voice in my head keeps saying, "WINDY GAP IS TOMORROW! WINDY GAP IS TOMORROW! WINDY GAP IS TOMORROW!" And then another, more practical voice in my head starts saying, "YOU HAVE SO MUCH TO DO BEFORE YOU LEAVE! Get yourself off that chair and go do something!" And then I say, "Just 10 more minutes! Pleeeeeeze?" I did, after all, spend nearly an hour and a half trying to get my stupidly stupid computer to connect to the internet this evening.

144. My cat is insane (but funny)
145. Target gift cards that I won at work
146. The down-filled blanket that I bought with my Target gift cards
148. I'm starting journal #28
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