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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Reflections Thus Far

It has been a long time since I opened up ol' Blogger. Somehow I only seem to remember it at times like right now, when I am at the library, theoretically working on a paper, and yet not really. I am working on a paper for Intro to Philosophy: a two page paper comparing the arguments of Plato and C.S. Lewis for a monotheistic supreme being. This paper will count for 25% of my exam grade on Monday. The thing is, if we turn in the paper and show any reasonable amount of thought, we get full credit. This is incredibly generous of my professor, but it is certainly not motivating me to my best possible work on this paper. That said, I have an excellent opening paragraph and know, more or less, exactly where I am going from there. So I'm not too worried about it.

To get myself in a speculative writing mood, however, I have decided to write to any of my dear readership who may be left and reflect a bit on my sophomore year in college thus far. I can understand why the word sophomore means "wise fool." Since we are no longer new to school, all of us feel a bit more confident and self-important. We did all that awkward making new friends stuff last year; we know our way around the campus; we know all the library policies and how to find the best food on campus. This makes us 'cool,' in our own eyes, and more than a little foolish.

The first month of my sophomore year has been incredibly different than the first month of my freshman year. Last year I watched a lot of movies and TV; I took a lot of walks and spent many hours talking with the people who were becoming my friends, all while finishing every bit of homework with plenty of time to spare. This year, every second has been filled. When I am not in class, I am reading for class, interviewing someone for a Collegian (newspaper) article, either recruiting or debriefing for SMT, or at some meeting for class cabinet, ACSC (Asbury College Student Congress), SLB (Spiritual Life Board), or some other chaplain-related duty. That's not to say I am not enjoying every minute of it. I am! I love everything I am a part of this year, and although I have a lot to do, I rarely find it stressful.

I also do not wish to give the impression that I don't have any time for fun. Last night Sam and I traveled to two different Walmarts in search of goldfish. Live ones, not the crackers (although we ended up buying some of those too). The first Walmart didn't have any, so we drove on down the road until we came to another one, where we were more successful. Meet our new roommates, Artemis (white with the orange spot) and Apollo (all orange):

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And what happened to those "two new roommates" today, Christy?

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cute names

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