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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Stop #5: Tifton First UMC; Tifton, GA

We arrived in Tifton, GA late Thursday afternoon. There was nothing planned for that evening, so the five of us hung out and took advantage of the wireless internet access for a few hours while the youth staff was in a meeting before going out to dinner. The youth pastor, Stacey, and her two interns, Scott and Anna, were all fantastic. We went to Longhorn Steakhouse for dinner, and it was wonderful to have time to get to know them without having to worry about the youth group coming in an hour or so.

On Friday the Messy Olympics took place. We took a ton of food to someone's house and set up a bunch of messy games with it. These included Gravy Sock Wrestling (fill a baby pool with gravy, have each person put on one sock, wrestle around in the gravy until one person pulls another's sock off), Russian Egg Roulette (1/3 of the eggs are hard boiled; pick one and smash it on your head), and the Truly Sick Relay (including covering yourself in flour, rolling in a baby pool of chocolate pudding, and sliding down a mayo slip-n-slide). I smelled horrible by the end of the day, but it was extremely fun. We went out to dinner again that night (Zaxby's) and then my team, Scott, and Anna went to go see the new Fantastic Four movie. I have so much fun with those people!

Saturday around noon we left the church to Albany, GA, an hour away. There we saw a movie (which, due to a time fluke, ended up being Fantastic Four again), ate dinner, went to the Great American Fun Park, and ended the evening at Krispy Kreme. The Great American Fun Park was probably the highlight of the day. We played laser tag, guys against girls (which, of course, my team lost horribly), and mini golf for most of the time. It was fun, as the park name would suggest, but I was exhausted when the day was over.

Sunday was nice and relaxing. We went to the contemporary service and then the traditional service in the morning before heading back to Stacey's house to have a cookout. We spent most of the time either playing with Connor or sleeping on the couch (with Nascar on TV). It was a nice lazy afternoon. That evening Ashton went with Stacey to drop off the van that they had rented from Albany. I went with the guys back to their host home (at the parsonage where Chris, the associate pastor ,lived). We hung out and did not much of anything for a couple of hours before making a Walmart run. When we got back, around 9:00, we still hadn't had dinner. Chris offered to grill us fish, so I got a cooking lesson. He taught me how to do a bunch of stuff with fish and make some amazing salad dressing. The four of us ate dinner (which was amazing) around 10:00 and then I went back to my host home to crash.

Monday morning we packed up the van and then went with the youth to a local soup kitchen to help serve lunch. To be honest, that was probably one of the most stretching things we've done so far. I love talking, but I had the hardest time starting conversations with anyone there. It was mostly one huge awkward turtle moment. Allen and Wes (aka Herald and the Destroyer) played guitar and sang a bit, though, which was a nice distraction for everyone. We had a fairly long drive to our next stop, so we quickly loaded into the van after lunch was over and headed toward Rosinton, AL.

Bob for an apple, then stick your face in a pan full of flour, find a piece of bubble gum, and chew it until you can blow a bubble.

Fill a kiddy pool with gravy, give four people each one sock and wrestle in the gravy until on person has lost their sock.

This is Allen chasing me with a flour bomb, but it rather looks like we're doing some sort of coreographed dance.

Andrew and I (the only two from our team to really get dirty) in the midst of a food fight at the end of the day.

Andrew and I at the end of the day.

Kristen, the daughter of my Tifton host.

Silly Ashton, sitting in the middle of the church parking lot.

Wes and Allen... doing something. I'm not really sure what.

Andrew and his pet zebra.

Ashton and Andrew at Krispy Kreme.

Gotta love those boys. And their hats.
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fyi- that would be Wes and Allen havinga foot fight! something me and serena do alot when we're on the phone with gracie!! (gracie always says go)

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