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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Stop #3: Mulder UMC; Wetumpka, AL

I am so behind! I deeply apologize for my negligence. I had most of an entry for Wetumpka typed up already, but lost it somehow. Phooey. Anyhow, I shall do my best to make up for it and write an overview of my four days at Mulder.

Monday & Tuesday:
We started out both Monday and Tuesday morning with an hour or so of games and devos and a couple of hours painting the trailer Mulder uses as their youth room. Both afternoons we had off, and in the evenings we had a speaker (Brad McClain, who was wonderful), Allen and Wes did some worship music, and then we went somewhere fun. Monday this was to a mall with an ice rink, where we played broom hockey. I was not terribly good at, but it was fun anyway. My team nearly made a tremendous comeback after being down by 5 points, but ended up losing by one. Tuesday night we went bowling. Overall I did pretty poorly, but I did do well enough to earn myself the nickname "spare ribs" due to my ability to completely miss the pins on my first roll and then knock them all down the second time. Ashton was sick on Tuesday and had to miss much of what we did, but fortunately recovered enough to join us again the next day.

Mark, the youth pastor, lived on a lake and on Wednesday he had the youth group out there to spend the day. We took turns riding Mark's boat, tubing behind it, and swimming or jumping off a neighbor's boat dock. Somehow my legs got insanely bruised up after tubing. It looked like I had been in a fight of some kind. :P It was worth the bruises, though. I had a blast. In the evening the team put on the mid-week service. Our guitar duo did the music, we all did a skit, and the Allen preached (extremely well, I might add). The time after the service, though, was probably my favorite time all week. Allen and Ashton spend a long time talking to and praying with one of the guys in the youth group. While waiting for them, Andrew, Wes, and I hung out with one or two of the guy from the youth group. We didn't really do anything terribly significant, but we had a great time just goofing off and playing on the fantastic playground at Mulder UMC. I wish I had some pictures of that playground. It was amazing.

For our last day in Wetumpka we drove 3 hours to Six Flags over Atlanta. It was fun, but I'm not much of an amusement park person and it was a loooong day. I was with two girls from the youth group and we spent most of the day walking around and riding a gentle ride every now and then. After lunch my group met up with Andrew and Wes's group and the 12 of us all went on a white water rafting ride where everyone got completely drenched. Not long after that we noticed that everyone was moving toward the park entrance and quickly discovered that the park was closing at 7, rather than 9 as we had originally thought. I don't think anyone was sad to leave early, though. I was pretty exhausted.

Through (another) miscommunication we had a free day at the end of the week, so the guys' host family, the Calhouns, took us out on their pontoon boat for the afternoon. Adam, an intern at Mulder, came with us as well. The lake we went to was beautiful, and we had a wonderful, relaxing afternoon. That night we went to a local Mexican restaurant, San Marco's (yum!), and then packed up and got ready to leave the next morning.

Silly Wes. (That's a rolled up flyer from the Tumbling Team's tour over spring break.)

Broom hockey

Wes and Allen leading music on Tuesday.

Bowling feet.

Me, Camden, and Ashton getting ready to go tubing

Silly Andrew.

My group at Six Flags: Hannah, Me, Lauren

Our silly team being our silly selves at Six Flags

Ashton, Wes, and the cow at Chick-Fil-A on our way back from Atlanta.

Andrew and Adam holding Allen as he flies like Superman on the Calhoun's boat.

Captain Andrew (Liz Calhoun: "Does anyone have a boating license?" Andrew: "I do!")
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