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Friday, August 04, 2006

A is for Air Conditioning

The AC in the Clippard Sales department broke shortly after I started here. Most of the summer we have had the lights out, shades closed, and fans filling every outlet in the department. Occasionally there were days where I would be warm in the afternoon, but it was never horrible. Two days ago, the air conditioning was fixed and the temperature change could not be more dramatic. Suddenly everyone is wearing sweaters and sweatshirts. A couple of people have brought in space heaters to put under their desks, and one person brought in hot chocolate to share. The lights are on and all the shades open in hopes of soaking up a few warm rays of sun. Skirts and sandals have been exchanged for pants, socks, and shoes. Will we ever get it right? I'm told I just picked the wrong season to work in.
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