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Saturday, August 05, 2006

D is for Drafts

I have a bunch of posts that I have started and since completely forgotten about. Now I can't remember what I had intended to say in the first place. Observe:

10/28/05: Life makes more sense backwards.

11/15/05: Pieces of Me

I'm a bit post-happy these days. My apologies if I bore you.

I've been reading through some of my old journals again (something I do fairly often) and thought that, since blogs are pretty egotistical anyway, I would quote myself a bit. What can I say? I amuse myself. (Random fact: people who keep journals and reread them often are at a higher risk of committing suicide than the general population. That's a bit creepy.)

Here's a sampling of my dramatic 8th grade year:

"Maybe in Heaven God will have a big writing desk for me to sit at 24/7 and write about how cool He is!"

"What a mysterious and wonderful thing joy is! Joy. What a small simple word for such a huge, beautiful feeling! If the feeling joy brings could be said in one word, it would be so long that it would wrap around the world a million times and still not be good enough."

"I have to write. Its just in my blood or something. The problem is... WRITER'S BLOCK! It's this thing that happens when you've been having really great ideas and then BANG! everything that was once in your brain has been slurped out by an imaginary vacuum, and the blank page sits there in front of you, mocking you. It's saying: "Come on, look at me, I'm so plain and blank, and want you to fill me with your thoughts and ideas, but ha! You can't think of anything! So I'll just sit here, all blank and lonely becaue YOU are dumb and can't think of anything!"

"I hate homeschooling I hate homeschooling I hate homeschooling I hate homeschooling I hate homeschooling I hate homeschooling I hate homeschooling I hate homeschooling. .... I just remembered a passage that I found in 'The Message,' a paraphrase of the Bible. It says: "Don't be wishing you were someplace else or with someone else. Where you are right now is God's place for you. Live and obey and love and believe right there. " Ouch. I think I've just been slapped and shoved back into my place."
~12/7/01 (8th grade was a little rough. My opinion of homeschooling has changed greatly since then)

12/3/05: The Body of Christ

Every week, and especially the first Sunday of the month when we take communion, I am always amazed at how God has drawn such a diverse and broken group of people together as His body. I love it.

Today I got to church early (7:55) because I was making an announcement at the 8:00 about a youth group fund raiser. After I was done I had a lot of time to kill, so I helped a member of the church's prison ministry set up this year's Angel Tree.

12/27/05: faith/reason

Balance of faith and reason. They are not mutually exclusive, yet both are necessary. Here's why:


I happened to catch part of Oprah today while they were talking about minimum wage. They showed sad stories about several families surviving on the national minimum wage ($5.15/hr) that were, of course, not without a political agenda. The entire show was dedicated to urging viewers to call and write their leaders, asking them to raise the minimum wage. I speak ignorantly, but as I see it this creates new problems. Money has to come from somewhere. Business with suddenly higher labor costs would have to compensate by hiring fewer workers and/or raising prices. America is stuck in a catch-22 in this respect.


It's amazing how some people can take anything in life and make it interesting. I keep running across writing about seemingly boring like waitressing or infomercials that look at those things in a light that makes them intriguing and thought provoking. I'm trying to learn that; it makes the time spent filing and alphabetizing and Microsoft Excelling much less dull.

7/5/06: You've Got Spam

I am well aware that I have a tendency to become perhaps over-excited about subjects that (to others) may seem silly. If you find this tendency to be obnoxious, please feel free to skip the following rant.

On my Gmail account I usually get 10-20 spam messages a day. Generally this doesn't bother me, as Gmail has a very effective spam filter and the one or two a month that manage to slip past that are caught by Mail when I download the messages to my computer. What does bother me is when my friends spam me with forwarded scams. Since yesterday I have received the following forward twice:
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