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Friday, August 04, 2006

B is for 'Boys are Evil.'

That's not actually my opinion (all the time), but the opinion of Pensacola Christain College. And it's not really boys that are evil, but boys and girls together having any sort of association with one another. I think Pensacola would have done well as a Shaker college. Wikipedia's list of PCC's rules and regulations makes an interesting read. According to them, "stairwells and elevators are segregated by gender, members of the opposite sex are not permitted to touch in any way (even shaking hands is against the rules), mixed-gender meetings (including off-campus) are forbidden unless a PCC chaperon is present." Also substantial eye contact, called "eye kissing," "optical intercourse" or "making eye babies" by students, is strongly discouraged. Further, "engaging in social activities as a group away from the campus with members of the opposite sex can result in immediate dismissal." I really have to wonder how strictly they can possibly enforce that. I mean, say you go to the 80th birthday party of a family friend and some of his grandkids and others 'youth' are there (none of whom you are related to). Are you going to be expelled for playing charades with this group?

Asbury students are required to read and sign a code of conduct before enrolling. This list may seem extreme to some (I have gotten few comments to that effect when telling people what school I am going to), but it does not forbid anything that I would have done had I been allowed (the only exception being non-coreographed dancing, and I don't see that as too much of a loss).

The purpose of rules at all Christian colleges is to create an environment where Christ can be glorified through higher learning. However, there is a difference between learning in a Christ-centered environment and signing yourself into a prison for four years. Anyone have opinions on the matter?
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I have to agree with you, most of the time rules for a christian university aren't all that bad. Athough, personally, I could never go four years without some harmless dancing at random times of the day!

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