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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

This list is just so darn fun

132. Windy Gap on Friday!
133. I won the mugs at the leadership Christmas party. It was a hard-fought battle.
134. 'Charlie' is leaving in time for Windy Gap. :D
135. Brandae got accepted early decision to Miami! Congratulations Bran!
136. My stalker at Learning Tree finally decided that I'm too old for him (4 years actual age difference, probably 15 years in maturity level) and has gotten himself a girlfriend who hopefully appreciates him more than I do. I about died laughing (inwardly, of course) when he started talking about her in class.
137. Laura made a pen in woodshop for Christmas. That made my day! I love pens.
138. Andrea's snowflake cookies
139. SIC/P1's/Imitators/WE NEED A NAME! But I love you girls dearly. :)
140. I'm typint *gasp* without a wrist brace!
141. I get to play violin tomorrow!
142. I was out of tea, which is bad, but I went to the store and bought more, which is good
143. My job (amazingly enough)
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"140. I'm typint *gasp* without a wrist brace!"

It is an instance of mild irony!

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