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Monday, June 26, 2006

Musical Memory

For the past week or so I've been doing a lot of copying and pasting things into a spreadsheet for several hours a day. Since this doesn't require a lot of brain power, I've been bringing my iPod to listen to while I work. Listening to so many songs has made me realize how strongly I associate music with events, people, and even smells. Exempli gratia:

~Bethany Dillon's CD Imagination, especially the first track, "Dreamer" make me think of Physics. Specifically it makes me think of driving to Physics in the fall with that "fall" smell in the air and my windows down. This is probably because, for whatever reason, I listened to that CD to and from Physics the entire fall.

~Several years ago I listened to Ginny Owens's CD, Without Condition over and over again while driving through the Great Smoky Mountains and again on that same trip while waiting for laundry to dry in a laundromat. I always associate that music with the sights and smells of those places.

~Blessed Be Your Name, by Matt Redman brings back fond memories of Rich's van in New Mexico and Phillip changing the lyrics. ("Blessed be your name / Where the seeds of abundance grow...") It also reminds me of Caitlin because we talk about that all the time.

~The Father's Song, also by Matt Redman, was one of my favorites at SOS when I went to the Vineyard and makes me think of the prayer room there.

~Close Your Eyes, by James Taylor, reminds me of Dad because he used to sing it to me when I was little.

~More Than You'll Ever Know by Watermark reminds me of Carly. There was a specific reason five years ago, but I've forgotten it now and just know that she comes to mind every time I hear the song.

I've been working on this for several days, adding to it whenever I hear a song on my iPod that evokes a memory. I could go on doing this for a long time, as I've got a lot of songs I've not gotten to yet, but I'll spare you. The moral of the story is, if you want me to remember you for a long time, somehow associate yourself with a song in my brain.
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